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Wee Deliver is an in school post office in partnership with the U.S. Postal Service. At Barry Elementary, the Wee Deliver Post Office is staffed by fifth grade students who have completed the Wee Deliver civil service exam.

The Wee Deliver mailbox is located in the main elementary hallway. Parents, siblings, friends and classmates may place letters in the mailbox to be processed and delivered by the Wee Deliver staff. Each elementary student and staff member has a personal Wee Deliver address. Staff addresses are listed on this website. Student addresses may be obtained from the student's teacher, or located in the address book in the elementary library.

Goals of the Wee Deliver program:

  1. To provide children with real-life experiences in which to apply basic skills, such as:
  •  writing a letter
  • using the mail system
  • addressing an envelope using Postal guidelines
  • using Zip Codes
  • locating street addresses    

    2.  To unify the student body through a student centered school-wide communication system.

    3.  To provide a vehicle for students to use their writing skills.

    4.  To help develop a sense of responsibility.

    5.  To improve language arts skills.

    6.  To foster teamwork.

    7.  To form community partnerships and encourage support of school programs.              

The 2006-2007 Wee Deliver theme at Barry is "Rainforest".

Write a letter to your student and drop it in the Wee Deliver mailbox located in the elementary hallway!